fredag 6. oktober 2006

Images of Liguria

Le Cinque Terre are five small villages in Eastern Liguria, Italy. Manarola was our first destination when we - in September 2006 - explored Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.

Our journey continued to Comogli, Barga and Lucca, cities with distinct charm and personality, quite representative of the people living there.

The Gulf of Genova

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tirsdag 29. august 2006

On the Pilgrim Way

We embarked on a pilgrimage over the Dovre mountains in the middle of July 2006. Our pilgrim walk started at Budsjord near Dombås where we joined the pilgrims who had walked from Oslo, Eidsvold and Hamar. We then walked a hundred kilometres over a period of seven days and got as far as Oppdal. The walk over the Dovrefjell winds its way through a truly beautiful
part of Norway.

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mandag 27. februar 2006

Røros and Portugal

We ventured to Røros in Norway and to Portugal during the first two months of 2006. The contrasts between the twain are evident, but so are the similarities. History whispers around the corner both here and there.

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and from Portugal

Stein & Angela