lørdag 27. februar 2010

Europa Compostela 2010
The European Pilgrim Relay

Trond Gilde, the first Norwegian partcipant in Europa Compostela 2010, started on his bicycle trip from Stiklestad towards Trondheim 26 February 2010. With the relay baton tied to his bicycle, he cycled all the 95 km to Trondheim where there was an exchange of the baton at Nidaros Pilgrims' Centre.

Participants from left: Geirmund Lykke (with skis) Trond Gilde in yellow jersey (with bicycle) and Stein Thue (bystander ;-). Enlarge photo

Our second participant Geirmund Lykke (and yours truly) continued on skis on the next stage from Trondheim to Ringvål 27 February. See photo. Click to enlarge

On the way towards Santiago there will be numerous exchanges of the baton through Norway, Denmark, Germany, France and Spain. Thank you and good luck to all partcipants!
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See the first stage of the relay from Stiklestad to Trondheim on this map: