tirsdag 4. mai 2010

From Strasbourg via Paris to Santiago

Your pilgrim "baton" has arrived in Paris and is now stored safely in our office with Compostelle 2000. The pilgrims will start to walk with it from Thursday, 8th of July, after attending a Mass.

Photo: Stein Thue hands the relay baton over to Christiane Delattre in Strasbourg 28 April 2010.

Partcipants from Compostelle 2000 will then walk with it for 3 days until Saturday 10th July. After that it will be with pilgrims from the Orléans' Association.

Summary: On July, 8th : 21 km from Paris to Palaiseau ; on July, 9th : 19 km from Palaiseau to Arpajon ; on July, 10th : Arpajon to Etampes. It's on "Tours way" via Orleans as I'm also in charge of the "Tours way" via Chartres (7 days' walk).
To be continued ...

With kindest Regards. Ultreïa
Christiane Delattre

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Pilgrim's Passport
With "the Tours baton" comes a special Pilgrim's Passport issued by the Bishop of Nidaros and the Director of the Pilgrim's Centre in Nidaros, Berit Lånke.

We send good wishes and blessings to all partcipants in the EC2010.

Pax et bonum

Tor Singsaas
Bishop of Nidaros

Berit Lånke
Director of Nidaros Pilgrims' Centre