søndag 29. september 2013

Exploring the Sorrentino Peninsula

Bella Amalfi
Left lovely Naples bound for the Sorrentino peninsula and the Amalfi coast. You get a spectacular view of the Bay of Naples on board the ferry from Napoli to Amalfi. Made friends with another passenger Umberto Persico, a native of Sorrento who was fluent in English and very helpful, literally a knight of the old school. He was nothing less than an honorary member of the Order of the Maltese Knights. Yes, they still exist, and thank goodness for that. Because cavaliere Persico spontaneously made sure that I boarded the connecting ferry from Sorrento to Amalfi. Twelve points and eternal glory to the Maltese Knights, gentlemen of the old school indeed.

Amalfi Adventures
Went on to explore Amalfi, Praiano, Sorrento and Positano for a whole week. This escapade was truly an adventure in itself.  But I must finish this unpretentious travelogue. And for the sake of brevity, which is the soul of wit and convenience, let me change the form from prose to photos. A picture is worth a thousand words; so here’s a selection of images from my Amalfi adventures. Enjoy.