mandag 10. september 2012

From Mundaka via Gernika to Donostia-San Sebastian

In front of the Parliament Tree in Gernika
Left the picturesque surfing village of Mundaka by train this morning. My destination was Donostia-San Sebastian (where I am now), but there was time for a short visit to Gernika on the way.

Headed straight for the "Gernikaka arbola", the Parliament Tree.

The representatives from the Biscayan villages used to meet under an old oak tree to debate common issues. You can see part of the old tree trunk preserved inside the monument (see photo).

The old oak  dried out (it lived for 300 years) and was replaced by a new oak -descendant of the old one- in 2005.

Successive specimens of oak trees has been perpetuated through the ages; just as the soul of the Basque Country is transmitted from generation to generation.


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